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Her Hair Confessions

Meet the Owner

I am Teneasha owner of Her Hair Confessions and this is my story!  As a certified professional hair stylist of 11 years, I help women by providing quality hair for their hair needs. Hair loss, hair thinning, and hair protection have always been a sensitive subject for me. As far back as I can remember I've always had a very fine, thin, frizzy hair texture. I wished for fuller hair.

At a very young age my great grandmother used to tell me, "Come put this piece in my hair." I remember how her eyes would light up when she got her hair piece in. It made me happy.

Now, as a licensed hair stylist. I have a true connection with women who sit in my chair that suffers any kind of hair loss, thinning, damage, or who's looking for a protective style. I know the struggles, it excites me to have a solution that's worth the investment.

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